Here are three things that often surprise buyers in our market.

Here are three things that tend to surprise buyers in today’s real estate market:

1. Buyers may pay for inspections. Sometimes sellers will pay for inspections upfront, but in many cases, buyers will write an offer on a property without knowing very much about it and pay for certain inspections out of pocket. Now, some buyers don’t want to pay for these inspections, but you should consider them an investment in discoveries that can translate into new negotiations once you learn more about the property. Bear in mind that if you learn something about the property that sours the deal for you, you can walk away. You won’t get the money you invested back, but gaining knowledge about the property that allows you to dodge a bullet is worth it regardless.

“Price is a tool that lets the market determine a home’s value.”

2. The difference between price and value. It’s possible to have two different, equally priced properties that end up selling for different amounts. Price is not the same thing as value. You should rely on your agent to help you assess the intrinsic qualities of each property that either push the value above the price or pull it down lower than the price. Remember: Pricing is a tool to let the market determine value.

3. It’s a small town. In theory, you could write three different offers on the same home using three different agents and end up with three different results. Who you work with matters more than ever these days; your agent is the one who communicates and negotiates on your behalf, but they have to do so in a way that is solution-oriented. Your agent’s goal isn’t to combat the seller or to create drama. It’s to help you get what you want and to make the seller feel like they’re in a win-win situation.

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