Here are my three tips for those of you moving away from Sonoma County.

So you’re ready to make the big move and leave Sonoma County. Here are three things you have to keep in mind as you’re making the move:

1. Research and spend time in that area. Get to know the locals, find your supermarkets, understand the schools, and be there in multiple seasons so you understand the differences in the weather.

“You need to understand how the financials and timelines will work out.”

2. Understand your options when moving. Option one is to sell, then move into a rental in the new area and take your time to buy. Option two is to write contingent offers on properties in the new location until you get one. This is a really bad option. Option three is Home Light. They’ll let you buy a new property without contingencies and utilize the equity in your existing property. For all three of these options, you need to understand how the financials and timelines will work out.

3. Have your local agent refer you to someone in your new area. This is because most of the time you’ll have connected deals. If those agents aren’t talking, it will make your life more difficult.

There are quite a few other things to talk about, but these three are the standout ones. If you are thinking about moving, reach out to me to schedule a strategy session. I’d love to speak with you.