Paying for Airbnb for a week or two lets you test drive a house.

Recently, a client of mine was telling me about all the features they wanted to see in their next house. I asked them if they were sure that was what they wanted, and they said yes. This reminded me of something that happened years ago when I had a medical situation, and my wife and I sold our house. I could barely work, and we ended up having to figure out where to live.

“It was an amazing gift to be able to test drive taking care of a property.”

I had a friend that let us live in one of his listings. The investor said it was fine, and I got to essentially test drive this house. The house was exactly what I thought I wanted. However, after spending six months there, I realized I didn’t want it.

It was an amazing gift to experience taking care of a  property. When we finally bought a house, we bought something different from what we originally thought we wanted. Use Airbnb to test drive a house because staying in a home for a week or two to try out the neighborhood, layout, or style is way cheaper than buying a house and figuring out later that it wasn’t right for you.

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